Kitchen suppression system

Fires in cooking equipment of commercial eating establishments can cause huge damage. Due to nature of cooking the threat of fire is always present in a restaurant. Having the means to stop a fire in or around a cooking appliance before it has a chance to spread to the building is essential. RSD Fire engineering shows you the way to the best fire suppression solution for your establishment, before a fire can cause any damage.

Commercial Cooking Equipment Fire Suppression Systems are a pre-engineered solution to appliance, ventilating hood and duct fires. The systems are designed to maximize hazard protection, reliability, and installation efficiency. With a pre-engineered design concept, and a wide array of available cylinder sizes RSD Fire engineering can offer the most efficient, effective protection for every type of cooking appliance; range tops, fryers, griddles, broilers, woks, as well as hood and duct systems.

Maintenance and periodic testing of commercial cooking equipment fire suppression equipment is critical in order to ensure that the systems operate as designed in the event of a fire.

Fire Protection System Inspection, Servicing and Maintenance

The service is performed on a semi-annual basis and causes no disruption to normal business activity. At the end of each service call the owner is provided a copy of a completed service report and a service tag is affixed to the equipment (also proof of compliance).

Fire sprinkler system inspection, servicing and maintenance is an extremely important factor in fire protection requirements as it ensures that the system as a whole is kept in good working order and will operate effectively in the event of a fire.

As a Biz safe Star company RSD Fire Engineering provides professional and efficient fire sprinkler system servicing and maintenance. With a dedicated fire sprinkler system servicing and maintenance team we are able to provide a servicing package tailored to your individual requirements, to ensure your fire protection and detection systems remain fully compliant at all times.

Depending on site requirements and the type of fire sprinkler system installed, the servicing and maintenance of system components is typically undertaken at the following intervals:




Six monthly


Every three years

Every ten years

For Fire sprinkler system servicing and maintenance we contact you before your servicing is due to arrange re-servicing at your convenience to ensure your system remains in good working order.

In addition, at RSD Fire Engineering both system servicing and any repairs can be undertaken quickly and cost effectively as our servicing vehicles are fully stocked with all the necessary equipment and consumables.